Having Lunch in The City (Black&Beige Outfit)

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The Crêperiet in Lund is one of my favorite places. The place is kind of  rustic and cozy which put me in a good mood the moment I walk in. The staffs are friendly and welcoming

Creperiet in Lund


The food is amazing; fresh, tasty and delicious . They offer lunch buffet that includes three main dishes to choose from, drinks, green salad and bread. Although I haven’t tried the buffet yet ,for no other reason than lack of vegetarian dishes on the buffet menu.

I can sit there for hours reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, which is really good by the way, or working on my laptop after an incredibly delicious lunch.

If you ever come to Lund make sure you visit the Crêperiet.



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White Sneakers

Hi guys

Esprit Lace Jacket

I took some times off from blogging to be with my family which I hadn’t met for about 9 months or so.
Now I’m back with this beautiful white sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger (it’s on sail now  here and here).
Tommy Hilfiger sneakers
It’s the most comfortable sneaker ever due to its light weight and slip-on style. I like the contrast between crisp white and the multicolor elastic part on the top. If you love walking around as much as I do, this little guy will be a great addition to your wardrobe.
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Lingerie Guide (Wardrobe Essential)


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Some of the most common wardrobe malfunction can be prevented by choosing the proper kind of underwear. To avoid that every woman need some pieces in her wardrobe.


Two type of bra is all you need. One is a T-shirt bra for your daily life. It should be comfortable and practical (here).  Then you need a strapless bra. When it comes to wearing almost any dress ,from off shoulders to spaghetti straps, strapless bra is the most practical option.(here)


Bra Accessories

Beside fashion tapes, there are two other accessories that you need.

First is a Fashion Solution pack. ( check it out here ). This pack contains a t-converter which helps you to pull the straps closer to each other. This one helps you to conceal the bra straps when you’re wearing a racer back or T back top. The other piece in the pack is a low back converter. This one comes in handy with a halter neck garment or any open back top.

The second must have accessory is a Nipple Cover or Petals (my favorite ones) This provides a smooth line under your clothing by covering the shape of your nipples when ever you don’t have a bra on.



I think there is nothing less attractive than a woman who feels so uncomfortable in her outfit that can’t walk or breath. So stay away from those extremely tight shape wears that make you feel you’re in jail. All you need is a light, soft slip on dress to wear under sheer clothing ( check it out here ). I personally wear night dresses. In addition to be sexy and really comfortable they give me a dissent coverage and smooth out any under wear line. ( check it out here and here )

You also need a Slipshort. This soft breezy shorts are lifesavers when you wear a short dress or skirt. You don’t need to grab on to your skirt all the time or get worried by every breeze that comes your way. I personally won’t wear any wrap dress without any Slipshort, to keep my modesty intact. Also for curvy girl like me these shorts are the best way to avoid thigh chafing. (I only use this one).


Remember what you wear underneath is as important as clothing, sometimes even more important than that. So make sure that your underwear, whatever you choose, fits you well. It’s a good idea to have someone to take your measurement time to time.



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How To Style Your Hair While Wearing a Hat?


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Hi guys

My favorite accessories of all time is a hat. You can top any outfit with a hat and be sure that you will look more stylish and stand out from the crowd.  Common misconception is that hats are for bad-hair days or when one can’t bother to wash their hair.  Although that’s a helpful trick you can actually style your hair according to the hat you are going to wear.

If you have a short hair push your hair behind your ears, pick a beautiful pair of earrings, wear your favorite hat and your good to go.

With a long hair there are a few more hair style that you can try.

-Side swept is the best. I pull all my hair over one shoulder ( I can fix it or  just let it sit naturally) and top it with a hat. This hair style looks good with all type of hats.

Diesel jacket

-Another hair style is a low knot bun. In this case free a few strings of hair around your face. It will give you an effortless look. This one is really good for a hot day when I’m out and about.



-A messy side bun is another way to style your hair while wearing a hat. I think this hair style looks better with a fedora or a sun hat (or any big hat in general).


-With a newsboy or cadet hat I prefer to have my hair center part and let them fall on my shoulder and hang around my face.


It depends on the style and material of the hat you can wear it on many different occasions. Hats are classic accessories that remind me of classic icons such as Grace Kelly, Josephine Baker and Katharine Hepburn. Weather it’s cold or hot a hat is always the best accessory you can complete your outfit with.




Sunhat: here , here and here.  Fedora: here and  here.

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