Best Hair Treatment(Expert Advice PartI)

One of the common mistakes that many- like me- make on a daily basis is that they think a hair treatment ,no matter what it is , will benefit their hair. I learned that’s a myth…….

best hair treatment

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A few weeks ago I asked my hair dresser to do Olaplex treatment on my hair, since my hair looked dull and drab. Although I did not get the treatment I’ve learned a lot about hair problems and how to treat them. This was the first time that someone explained to me the exact difference between dry and damaged hair and how much the required treatments are different. The conversation we had was so interesting that I called her later and asked if she could spare one hour to answer some questions for the blogpost I was planing at the time since I knew that informations would be valuable and  useful to many like me. Thankfully she accepted and we ended up talking for 3 hours which I really enjoyed. I share with you her wisdom through two blog posts. The first part is all about protecting your hair while in the second part I’ll explain how to treat your hair according to it’s current state.


One of the common mistakes that many- like me- make on a daily basis is that they think a hair treatment ,no matter what it is , will benefit their hair. I learned that’s a myth. The truth is you need to know the problem before starting any treatment. The good news is there is a really easy test to diagnose your hair problem. According to my hair dresser you need to take a strand of your wet hair between your fingers and stretch it. Healthy hair would stretch out and goes back to it’s original length when you let it go. I noticed that she does not pull that hard when she was showing me the test. Actually she just gave the strand of my hair a strong nudge.

Doing the test if the hair breaks without stretching, you have a damaged hair. If the hair does stretch but won’t go back to it’s first length and when you let it go, you have dry hair.

She explained to me that a damaged hair is result of many extreme chemical treatments and heat styling without using heat-protector on the hair. In this case the structure of your hair gets broken. To avoid this, one must always apply heat protectants products. Another tips she had was to be patient when it comes to changing your hair color. “Although good colorist will always give you the exact color you want we are not magicians. Sometimes to give the client the color she wants in addition to keep the hair healthy and the damage as minimum as possible requires a long term plan.” she said.

Dry hair can be seasonal (too high or too low temperature). Also it can be result of using wrong products to wash your hair or hormonal imbalance. According to my expert using a clay shampoo is one of the most common reasons for dry hair. Since the purpose of a clay shampoo is to purify oily roots, in the long run it will dry out your hair. Using shampoos that have UV protector is advisable specially when you’re on beach or spending lots of time outside. Another way to help your hair keep it’s natural moist is to blow dry your hair when it’s wet. Generally don’t expose already dry hair to heat.




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