Best Hair Treatment (Expert Advice PartII)

As I explained in my previous blogpost I sat down and had a heart to heart conversation about hair treatments with my hair dresser. Talking to a professional….

best hair treatment

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As I explained in my previous blogpost I sat down and had a heart to heart conversation about hair treatments with my hair dresser. Talking to a professional on any subject can be an eye-opening experience. One of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt during this process is to be aware of media and advertising power. Otherwise I will end up expending too much money without seeing any result. Just because a treatment (brand, style, color, diet……) is popular on social media does not mean that I need it. We all know  that but it’s easier said than done.

When you diagnosed your hair problem (check out my last blogpost to see how to do that) it’s time for solution.



-The first step is to avoid any hair product that contains sulfate. There are lots of Sulfate-Free formulas that you can try. ” Stick to Sulfate-Free products no matter what.” She said.

– Olaplex treatment is one of the best available treatments right now. According to my hairdresser using it in coloring process provides the best results. There are many other treatments available that your hair dresser can offer you depending on which brand they work with. Some of the examples are Renew from L’Oreal Professional or Kevin Murphy Repair.Me treatment.

-One product that you must use at home is a repair serum which helps the split ends to repair. She suggested the Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative from L’Oreal Paris. ( please have in mind that I personally haven’t tried this one).

-Another treatment which is good for damaged hair is hair conditioner. According to my expert it is better to avoid leave-in conditioner. You can use them once in a while but don’t depend on them to nurture your damaged hair.


For a start, avoid washing your hair every day it will dry your hair even more. Trade your shampoo with a cleansing balm and wash your hair twice a week. Only doing this, dramatically changed my hair. I’m using No-Foam Cleanser from Redken and I’m loving it.

One thing that you Must-Do is using a hair mask once a week. Look for those that hydrate your hair. Dry hair needs to be moisturized and hydrated, not to be repaired. So pay attention to description on the package. Oribe moisture masque is my favorite. It’s a little expensive yet I think it is worth every penny.

Last but not least, be careful what kind of oil you use on your hair. Make sure that the oil you’r using can moisturize your hair otherwise it cause a build-up of oil in your hair which makes you wash your hair more often. Ouai oil is the one that I use.

As for saloon treatment ask your hair dresser for a Intensive-Hydra mask. Although weekly hair mask at home will help, you need a professional treatment once in a while.

Also it is a good idea – specially if you want to grow your hair- to have your hair trimmed every 3-4 month to keep it healthy.

The last advice is from me; your hair dresser is your hair best friend, find  a trust-worthy one and stick with them.

Note: I did not suggest any product for damaged hair since I can’t suggest something that I haven’t tried.



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