baremineral oil obsessed

BareMinerals Oil Obsessed (review)

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Hi guys

Since the weather has become colder and more harsh on skin I have realized that I needed milder cleanser.  The cold weather can really damage skin, dry it out and make it look dull. Since I have really sensitive skin it’s even more crucial for me to clean my face without washing all the natural skin oils off.

bareMinerals oil obsessed

That’s why I put The Body Shop Oil cleanser -which is still one of my favorites- aside and went on a hunt for a new cleanser. Finally i decided to try this bareMinerals total cleansing oil(you can check it here or here). It’s gentle, effective and it smells fresh -that’s the only word that comes to my mind- It’s combination of bilberry, borage, cucumber and sunflower oils. I apply 4 pumps of oil when I want to remove my makeup otherwise 2 pumps of oil is enough to wash my face.  It cleans my skin thoroughly and removes all the make up without drying out my skin. I’ve been using this for last two months and I’m loving it.  I had some other options in my mind to go to in case this one didn’t work but I think I’m going to stick with this one.

Note: please keep in mind that I have a combination skin type.




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