Affordable Online Shopping List (new series)

MassimoDutti Dress

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Recently I realized that many people around me don’t know about deals and offers that many websites have on a weakly basis. Many think that online shopping is time-consuming and really hard for them to find what they want or keep up with all commercial news letters and emails. Since I do lots of online shopping and I love doing it, I decided to share with you what I think is a bargain. Pieces that can elevate your wardrobe without emptying your bank account.

Burberry handbag

I don’t have a name for this new series yet. It will be up every other week and I will share a list of chic and affordable items with you. It can be a bag or a pair of jeans that I personally love and would buy.

Fall outfit

Most of these items will be from Zara, Asos, H&M, Mango, PLT, Lindex etc , my favorite sites to shop at. This is not a sponsorship or collaboration content. This is me sharing with you hidden jewels I find as one friend to another. Hopefully you’ll like it.



What I’m wearing:

Dress from MassimoDutti ( similar here) , Handbag from Burberry (similar here), Boots (similar here), Sunglasses from Ray-Ban (here)




Cleansing Balm (Product Review)

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I am big fan of The Body Shop and their skin care products. The last time I visited the local store one of the lovely ladies who works there suggested a new product; Camomile Cleansing Butter. She claimed that it’s the same as the Camomile cleansing oil which is one of my favorite products. So I decided to try it out.

The Body Shop cleansing butter review


The packaging is nice. It reminds me of the hand cream my grand mother used to have. The actual product looks like a conventional vaseline with a hint of pleasant scent. It feels soft and buttery on the skin.

The Body Shop cleansing balm review


Unfortunately I don’t have many good things to say about this cleanser. First time that I used it to wash my face my makeup remained almost intact. All my mascara were left on my lashes despite the fact that I was wearing a normal mascara not a waterproof one. And the little amount that were removed from my eyes were left on the skin around my eyes. I washed my face three times with cleansing butter that night before giving up and using another cleanser.

The other problem I faced that night was that every time I wanted to add more cleanser or wash my face again I had to clean and dry my hands to avoid creating a dirty mess. I really prefer to pump out a cleanser, it’s more efficient and cleaner than using my fingers to take out a creamy cleanser.

The Body Shop cleansing butter



Since this cleanser couldn’t remove any makeup I decided to use it after removing my makeup to wash my face. Unfortunately that didn’t work well either. After a week using the butter cleanser to wash my face I had breakouts all over my face. Since I hadn’t changed anything else I can say with confidence that the butter cleanser caused the reaction. It’s been ten days since I stopped using it and my skin looks much better. Please keep in my mind that I have never used any cleansing butter or cleansing balm before. My skin may generally be sensitive toward this type of cleansers.

Overall I’m not happy with my purchase and don’t suggest the butter cleanser to any one.






How To Wear A Floral Skirt In Fall

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I love wearing skirts in autumn whenever the weather allows it. There is something about combination of soft smooth material with rough sweaters or cardigans which is appealing to me.
MassimoDutti skirt
Today I’m wearing my favorite skirt from last season (by MassimoDutti). To create an autumnal outfit I’m adding a pair of black boots and a black long cardigan.
The bag is a really old one from Tommy Hilfiger. I think the color is appropriate for this time of the year.
Ecco boots
The final look is simple yet chic. The key is to choose from one color-palette. In this case I built my outfit around the midi skirt. So the main color is black while colors of flowers on the skirt were my guide for accessorizing.
Massimo Dutti skirt
This skirt is not available anymore. Here are some of my favorite midi floral skirt for fall:
Midid skirt
                                      Top-left , Top-right, Bottom-left, Bottom-right
Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored.

Transitional Pieces (Fall 2017)

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Among all transitional pieces waist coats are my favorites. They are easy to style and keep you warm while letting rest of your outfit to be seen.

stylebloggerI’m wearing: top, trousers, shoes


I bought this one from Massimodutti last year. I can confidently say, that is one of the most worn items in my closet. Here are some of the new ones that I have my eyes on and like to add them to my wardrobe.


Waist coat fall 2017Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.