4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Hands

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Following the last post, Step by Step At-Home Manicure, here are a few more tips to take care of your hands:

1- Moisturizing

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For me the first and most important step is applying a hand cream. Especially during cold months  because cold can be really cruel to the skin. This ACO mini derm is my current favorite. It’s really moisturizing without being oily. But if you prefer a little bit more oily hand cream the CCS cream is really good.

2- Use a right hand wash

Since we wash our hands multi times during a day, it is really important to pick the right one. There is no “the right choice”, there are lots of good products out there. Just pick one that serves your needs and avoid anything that dries your hands.

3- Wear gloves

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I personally love wearing gloves. There was a time that it had become really annoying since I had to take them off every time I wanted to use my phone. Thankfully the problem is solved and lots of brands have touchscreen gloves.  I like this Esprit one because it’s light yet warm.

4- Exfoliate


The same reason that you must exfoliate your face and your body, applies to hands. I use ACO face scrub on my hands once a week. It does a great job while it’s really gentle to the skin. Scrubbing helps the skin to absorb the moisturizer better and keep your hands young.

Although these may seem really obvious you will be shocked how many people ignore them because of the very simplicity of these actions.

How do you protect your skin? Do you have any tips? Please leave them down below.




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