Attending a Birthday Party

During the weekend I attended my cousin’s baby girl‘s birthday party. I usually propose to bring some homemade food or dessert. This time was not an exception. Considering it was a birthday party full of kids, I decided to prepare something that was interesting and healthy.

This is what I created. Vegan Pasta Salad.


It is easy healthy meal full of vegetables and the sauce is made of great ingredients yet it is colorful and eye catching which is always a plus when it comes to kids. I just want to point out that whenever you are making food for kids, remember to consult parents for any kind of food allergy. If it is not possible to talk to all of them, make sure that give them all information about the ingredients at the party, especially if you have used allergens like Nuts . You can find more information about allergens on this website:

Back to the recipe; You can use your choice of vegan pasta. Just remember that vegan pasta is not as soft as regular pasta. To make it a little bit softer, I like to boil it about a minute more than what the instruction on the box suggests.

Chop and mix other ingredients :


For souce I mix these spices with little vegan mustard, olive oil and grape ginger.IMG_1225

Naturally you can just add vegan pesto sauce or any sauce that you prefer and enjoy it.This easy dish was a success and kids at the party really loved it.

Ingredients :

1-Vegan Pasta

2-Sweet pepper

3- Sun-dried tomamto

4-Green beans

5-Sweet corn



1- Vegan mustard, 2- Olive oil, 3-Grape ginger, 4-Mint, 5- Nutmeg, 6-Pepper,       7-Dill, 8- Ginger, 9- Oregano, 10- Thyme,


Please share your suggestions or your version of Vegan Pasta Salad  down bellow. I will be glad to try them. 




Written by nastaran20

Follow Nastaran and her outlook on fashion, personal style, beauty and skin care. Time to time there will be an easy vegetarian or vegan recipe on the blog too.


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