First Blog

Let’s have a chat.


Hi everybody

My name is Nastaran and this is my First Blog ever! I am writing here hoping to find and connect with people who share my interest in fashion, design and food. For me fashion is art! so regardless of having them in my closet or not, I enjoy exploring fashion world and watching fashion shows. Colors, shapes, new ideas and great creations from fashion inspire me in every aspect of my life.

Food is my second passion. It does not matter what I am going through or what difficulties I am facing, cooking calms me down and helps me to get my thought together. Even the smallest task in kitchen like preparing a salad is really therapeutic for me. I am going to share my recipes here once a week. On that matter I think you should know that I am a vegan, so that is the only type of food I am going to share with you. But even if you are not vegan you can enjoy these recipes, after all eating more plant based food and adding some greens to your diet is good for your health.

I believe that nobody knows everything but everybody knows something so sharing is the only way to grow. I hope that you share your tips and advice with me as well and help me to grow as a person. So please live comments and share your ideas and wisdom with me and everyone else who visit this blog. I am looking forward to find new friends here and start a great journey with you all. Kisses



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